god of the bible

Is Allah the God of the Bible? 

This is one of the most important questions of our time. Since 9/11, Islam burst into the consciousness of the West. The increasing role of Islam is a question we all must come to terms with. Whether we like it or not, Islam will play an increasing part in our future and the future of our descendants. 


Mr. Sadat Anwar

- Member of the Muslim Debate Initiative

- Sunni Muslim

- born and raised in Toronto, Canada

- studied Middle Eastern Studies @ University of Toronto

- involved in Muslim outreach at Dundas Square on Sundays

- has participated in many interfaith dialogues and several debates


Adrian Davis was born in the UK and grew up in Toronto. Beginning at the age of 15, he became consumed with the question, “What is the purpose of life?” His obsession with pursuing the answer to this question led him to drop out of high school and, consequently, become homeless. Adrian says he is privileged that his religious ideas were not implanted in him from birth. Instead, he was able to carefully consider multiple worldviews before making a lifelong commitment to any one of them. After earnestly studying the major world religions, ideologies and philosophies, he feels extremely blessed to be able to say today that Jesus Christ is his Lord.
While he has given hundreds of sermons, proclaiming the true gospel of Jesus Christ (both nationally and internationally) this will be his second interfaith dialog.